Playgroup and Daycare

Playgroup (3-6 tahun)
Senin – Jumat
8.30 am – 1 pm

Kulila Jogja membuka pendaftaran bagi peserta didik baru angkatan 2020/21.
bagi yang berminat, ayo segera daftar!

* diskon 20% uang pendaftaran bagi pendaftar di bulan juli dan agustus

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Okta (081513596303)

My daughter joined Kulila one year ago. She loves going to school and every morning she is the first ready and asks to go to Kulila. Teachers are very patient with kids to help them become more independant, which is really a huge help as parent. Also I am really grateful to the teachers that they respect and try to develop the ability of each kid to think by himself. They never say what should be done but rather try to make the child think by himself and take the good decision by himself. They more rely on being exemples for kids, rather than deciding everything for them.

The learning approach in Kulila is really based on children interests so that children learn a lot without feeling it.”